Canon 7D Tips – Best of

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But wait … there’s more.  This list is just a sample of the articles in my new ebook, – The Best of Canon 7D Tips & Tutorials,
available for the Amazon Kindle, Barnes & Noble Nook  and iTunes/iBooks.
Read more about it here (including the full table of contents)…

My Full Year with the Canon 7D

Premiere Pro CS5 & 7D HD-Video the Easy Way

Canon 7D Tips: Problem focusing? Customize the AF!

Canon 7D Tips: Auto-focus not working? Check your settings.

Canon 7D Tips – What should my first lens be?

Canon 7D & the Crop Factor

Minimum Focusing Distance and the Crop Sensor

Canon 7D Tips – Shooting both Stills & HD-Video with One Camera

Flip the Magic Button to Jump Between HD-Video and Still Photography

Still Video Image or Camera Raw on Canon 7D

Black & White Photography with the Canon 7D

Custom Functions and Shooting in B&W with the Canon 7D

Creating Miniature Toy Effect with a Tilt Shift Lens

Canon 7D Tips on Using the Sigma 50-500mm f/4.5-6.3 APO DG OS & Bird Photography

How to Use a Monopod –Think Hand-Held-Plus

Canon 7D Tips – Auto Exposure Bracketing 6 images or more

Canon 7D Tips – Bargains in Used Lenses

Before You Buy a Camera Stabilizer, Try This $10 Solution

Canon 7D – Tips on Shooting Time Lapse Video

Canon 7D – Tips on Creating/Editing Time Lapse Video

Canon 7D Tips – Image Stablization Video Comparison

Canon 7D Tips – What’s that sound?

Noise Test Series on Canon 7D

Night Noise Test with Long Exposure on Canon 7D

Canon 7D / 5D Mark II Tips – HD video editing the easy way

Canon 7D Tips: Customize Settings with My Menu

Recovering Photos and Video from Formatted Compact Flash Card

Canon 7d Tips – Reformat Corrupt Compact Flash Cards for a Clean Start

Time to Upgrade to a 600x Compact Flash Card

Canon 7D Tips – How to Photograph Fireworks Tutorial

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  1. Wow, you just saved my tail. Couldn’t figure out why my joystick wasn’t working as I tried to select auto points to focus on… found your article and we are good to go. THANK Goodness for smart folks like you who know how to fix and post about this camera. Much appreciated! I’ll be reading all your articles now.

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